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QuickBooks® ProAdvisor Program Members
Providing Support for QuickBooks® Software

ADOS Consulting has been providing bookkeeping and training for QuickBooks ® users for over 25 years. We love to turn customers who are frustrated or uncomfortable with accounting into raving fans who love to manage their business finances.

We can assist with: software selection, process design/implementation, training, data entry, 3rd party software integration, payroll, merchant services, reconciliations and reporting. Some customer engagements are resolved in just one meeting, with the answer to a singular question. Others, become lifelong relationships when we become part of your team. We are fortunate and very grateful to have worked with some of the same people for over 25 years. We love what we do! We can’t wait to meet you and work with you!

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ADOS Consulting is dedicated to providing the very best, product support, implementation, set-up, and/or training possible to you, our QuickBooks® users. The needs of our clients are diverse, and our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to help you, as QuickBooks® users, in the following areas:
  • Needs analysis
  • Installation, setup & training and ongoing support for QuickBooks® users
  • Clean up the “mess” and getting companies on track
  • Automating daily processes
  • Troubleshooting and Tune-Ups
  • Third Party Software Integration
  • Bookkeeping
Let us show you how to integrate:
  • Payroll
  • Credit Card Processing
  • e-Commerce
ADOS Consulting offers tailored business solutions to meet the needs of your company. We are experts and hold Advanced Certifications in:
  • QuickBooks® Online
  • QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions
  • QuickBooks® Premier and Pro
  • QuickBooks® Merchant Services
  • QuickBooks® Enhanced and Assisted Payroll
Whether it is a new installation or an upgrade, we will work with your computer/IT folks to ensure your software is installed properly on your computer network. We provide training for all levels of users. Working with your data ensures a better understanding of the material and will help you retain what you learn. Training can include the following areas:
  • Design and setup the chart of accounts
  • Enter beginning balances as of a determined start date
  • Customers and accounts receivable
  • Vendors and accounts payable
  • Sales and inventory
  • Budgeting and job costing
  • Payroll
  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Customized reports and forms
You may have an accounting “mess” if any of the following apply to your business:
  • You struggle to get timely financial and statistical information
  • You never seem to get caught up
  • Your financial statements are not ready by the 10th of the month for the previous month
  • Your customers or vendors say your information is inaccurate
  • Your company is understaffed and has high turnover
Most companies require professional help to straighten out these issues. ADOS Consulting knows how to identify and implement solutions quickly and efficiently and get you back on track!
ADOS Consulting can troubleshoot your system and provide routine tune-ups of your QuickBooks® software data to verify entries are being posted correctly and to make sure the software is being used to its maximum potential. Tune-ups can be done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
ADOS Consulting can help organize your workflow and automate your manual processes where needed. This includes finding a QuickBooks® software solution for information being tracked in ancillary software like Excel® and/or integrating 3rd party software to cut down on data entry and increase accuracy.
Are you losing control of your bookkeeping? Are you growing so fast that you just can’t keep up with all the paperwork? Or are you decreasing your staff to be more economical. A firm specializing in QuickBooks® software is a good choice for your outsourced bookkeeping. Our firm will not only teach you the software, but we can fill in the gaps as needed to make sure you can continue to do what you do best – running your business! Outsourced bookkeeping is becoming more desirable because this very important aspect of the business can be a very high turnover area. Owners, officers and decision makers need reliability in this department, which is where we can help you. We offer affordable bookkeeping. Our customers tell us that we are faster, more efficient and more accurate than internal staff, which saves them time and resource.
Controller Services are for the company that needs an experienced person to provide oversight for the financial aspects of your business. This is normally on a part-time basis, either temporarily or as an ongoing part of your team. On-going Controller Services can ensure your accounting department continues to run efficiently. Some of these services may include:
  • Directing current accounting/bookkeeping staff
  • Setting up procedures and controls for monthly closings
  • Analyzing or cleaning up prior or current transactions
  • Implementing a more beneficial usage of the accounting software

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